Please take a look at just some of the testimonials from our many customers happy with their cat scratching posts and tunnels. View more photos on our Facebook page.

As soon as I saw your Funky furniture on the internet, I knew I had to order some for my already spoilt cats. Thank you so much for the beautiful Tunnel and Medium Hollow that we picked up today. They really are a work of art! The colours turned out exactly as I imagined and I am extremely pleased with how they look.

Misty was a bit cautious at first but was happy to sit on the top of the hollow but Memphis took to it straight away and had a ball climbing in and out of the holes. He thought the springies were pretty cool too! Thanks again for the excellent service and quality products. I’m sure my kitties will enjoy them for many years to come!



The Hollow arrived today in perfect condition. It completely surpassed our expectations; it is sturdy, well-crafted and all three kitties love it. We have put it by the window so they can watch the birds and relax in the sun. Thank you so much!

Here are a few pictures of Rasputina, Pavlov and Simon enjoying their new vantage point. We will definitely be recommending your products to all our friends!


Thank you so much for the Giant Hollow you made for me last year in time for Christmas.

My ragdoll kitten Jarrah took to it straight away… she’s adopted it as hers, and loves jumping from leaf to leaf and springing up from a leaf to the inside of the trunk and then up through the top. Her favourite spot is the very top where she often falls asleep.

My other cat, a tabby moggie called Tazz, loves to climb up the back of it and sharpens her claws on it while stretching upwards.

I was very happy with the colours too. The light green blending nicely with the kitchen walls where it sits. Also it’s nice and sturdy which is a huge plus as previous posts have been knocked over when the cat got real enthusiastic. My dad who’s a huge perfectionist found it impossible to fault the hollow, and it’s really nice to have a cat scratching post that’s more like a piece of furniture.

Keep up the good work! And thanks again.

Kind Regards,


Ralph loves his Hollow and now that we are finally in our own home and Ralph is now an inside only cat, the hollow is a great source of entertainment for him, returning home at night I am always sure to find Ralph curled up on top of his hollow and he loves stretching thought the middle of the hollow and lounging with his front paws on one leaf, and back legs on the other leaf and loves to look cute.

Kind Regards,


Earlier this year we bought a funky from you for our new Maine Coon cats. I have attached some photos for you of them enjoying themselves. They love their funky. Keep up the good work.


Ch’kara & Stephen

Here they are – piccies of my 3 beautiful purr kids totally enjoying your awesome furniture, their new toys! As you can see, they spend a lot of time sleeping and playing on these amazing pieces of artistically realistic pieces of furniture!! I love them and so do they and they are sooo easy to keep clean!

Thank you so much for all your help and for making these works of art. You can tell that they were thought of with attention to detail and durability but most importantly for the enjoyment of our furry friends!! And that is what makes them unique – they are pleasing to the human eye but provide hours of enjoyment, exercise and relaxation for both the cats and the slaves that serve them!

Thank you for giving us all sooo much pleasure!



From the moment I set eyes on a photograph of a Funky Hollow I wanted to buy one for my 15 month old cat Hamish.

Living in Perth I was unable to personally view a hollow so poor Maurie and Jenny got the third degree from me about them!

I was full of questions and they couldn’t have been more helpful. I am more than happy with the quality and workmanship of the Hollow and Hamish adores his new toy as you can see in his photographs. Hamish is now one funky cat with his new Funky Hollow!


The Log and Hollow have been a big success with Vinnie and Beau.

I’m especially thrilled at seeing Vinnie tearing through and playing inside the log – she was a very sick girl a few months ago and she seems so happy now and loves her new toy. Beau plays with her through the holes but has never been a tunnel cat.

For my cats and home the Small is the perfect size – and looks great.

Regards and thanks again,


I bought a Mega Tree for my two Persian crosses who were driving me bonkers wanting to go outside constantly. I live in a small apartment and part of my lease says my cats are never allowed outside the apartment.

Since the arrival of the Tree my two have been so content to live indoors. I placed the Tree in front of the main window and they love it so much. Even when I open the front door they don’t bother to leave their tree. They climb it, scratch it, and spend around 90% of their day on their tree. They love attacking each other around the base of it, peering at me from the top of it and sleeping on any level. I wondered about the price when I bought it but now realise it was worth far more than I paid for it. Everyone who sees it thinks it’s marvellous and I don’t feel embarrassed to have it gracing my living room like I would some other cat furniture.

It’s also quite easy to clean; I just use a dustpan brush to take the fur off. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with cats. Given how durable, well built and designed these products are they will pay you back for years with happy cats. Both of my cats were outdoor cats before I moved to the city but they are happily indoor cats now. Never meowing to go out or ruining the furniture. This is an investment well worth making if you have indoor cats.

Claire, Hamlet & Jamaica

Hi Maurie,
Just a quick note to let you know that both your beautiful creations spent last night in our home. Arrived safely into Bundaberg Wednesday night, my family collected them yesterday and had them in place when I arrived home from work. They are beautiful. Cats are intrigued, inquisitive and probably a little overwhelmed, although the Persian has seemed to have taken up residence on top of the tree this morning! Once again thank you for making this whole process so easy. You have been a pleasure to deal with. Photos will follow.

Kind regards
( and Moet, Fibber and Baggins!)

Hi Maurie,
I just wanted to thank you for creating such a great product that looks great and is loved by the cats.  After getting used to the new smells and look associated with the hollow (which took half a day only), the cats now spend most of their time on it.  They have worked out different ways to run up and down, and in and out of the hollow.  The funky shelf is a big hit with the black and white hidey cat, while the dominant cat has claimed the top spot as we expected.  They love spying on birds and our neighbour’s cats from the hollow.  It is now their favourite spot.  They have also stopped scratching the chair and the rug, and they do all their scratching and stretching on the hollow.  It is so entertaining to watch them play on the hollow that I no longer turn the tv on.
Thank you for creating such as fun product.
Best regards,


Hi Maurie

I would really prefer to go with the colours that were in the email that I sent you, I prefer the brighter green. I have no problem waiting 5 to 6 weeks while it’s getting made.

In answer to your question about how did we find you ?, we found you a couple of years ago from google but at the time i think you only had the tree hollows, and we thought they were a bit expensive but after our 2 cats going through cheaper scratching posts, either becoming wobbly or them ripping the carpet of them we decided that spending the money on your tree may actually save us money lol, and they look a lot nicer too.



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