This brand new innovation in cat entertainment and exercise is exclusive to Funky Cat – the Funky Wall! The ultimate cat’s paradise will give your darlings a new challenge as they climb up the inside and outside of this uniquely designed cat furniture. This is perfect for muscle conditioning of indoor cats, as it gives them more of the natural experience of climbing trees that they would get outdoors.

Not only fun for the cats, you get to watch in on their enjoyment through the hidey holes, spying on their mischief. This gives your cats the perfect combination of privacy and accessibility to the outside. When they’ve tired themselves out, there’s plenty of room to rest on the large leaves and the top and bottom podiums. We’re proud to say this is the first Funky Cat product with room for many cats to congregate at the very top level!

Currently available in two size options, the original 2 meter Funky Wall and the smaller Fireplace, all Funky Walls are handmade to the same high standards as all our other Funky Cat products. Placed flush against a wall in your home, Funky Walls have a ‘tucked away’ feel, despite their size.

The Australian designed and made Funky Walls come fully assembled, however we’ve made the leaves easily detachable to give your cats a new environment and more of a climbing challenge. For cat owners who want to give their furry friends the very best, Funky Walls have no comparison.

Modeling our New Funky Walls are the Funky Cat family cats, Miss Molly (Tortie) and Gomez (Blacksmoke).


No Longer Available
No Longer Available