This is the cat scratching post that will turn your cats back into kittens! Watch them in delight as they chase each other in and out of the hidey holes and leap majestically up and down the ‘leaves’ on these cat towers. See your cats curled up snuggly inside the hollow or lounging on the ‘sundeck’ podium getting their much needed rest.

Funky Hollows simulate a hollowed out tree trunk and are fully carpeted inside and out. The ‘leaves’ are cushioned and the ‘sundeck’ has padding under the carpet and a padded headrest for the ultimate in comfort. The carpet extends to under the base, allowing them to be placed on any surface without scratching. An optional add-on is the removable Funky Shelf, which can be inserted to block off the inner tube, giving your cats separate compartments that are perfect for sleeping or hiding from friends!