Although your Funky Tree, Hollow or other products were built to a high standard and are extremely durable, after some time they may be showing signs of wear and tear.

We have successfully completed many Funky Restorations on our 10+ year old models, either by replacing sections of carpet, tightening leaves or refitting springies, returning your cherished Funky Cat products to their former glory. This way, many of our customers have noted that their Funky Trees or Hollows will last them another 10 years!

Restorations are priced in accordance to your requirements, contact us on 03 9775 1075 or at to discuss your restoration.

Please note: all products must be cleaned prior to being sent back to Funky Cat, a $50.00 cleaning fee will be charged.

Below are a few before and after samples:


Medium Hollow Sundeck - Before Restoration

Medium Hollow Sundeck - After Restoration

Giant Hollow Trunk - Before Restoration

Giant Hollow Trunk - After Restoration