The scalable Cat Ladder is a cats key to the world.

The MonkeeTree® Scalable Cat Ladder allows your little Monkee to reach new places. Whether your cat needs to access an open window, reach an elevated cat-door, climb up to a second story balcony or simply play in a patio, MonkeeTree can do it all.

MonkeeTree versatile patented modular design means you can create a configuration to reach many locations currently not accessible for your cat and giving them greater freedom and independence.


MonkeeTree can be installed inside or outside, to a recommended height of up to 16ft (5m) and is designed for fully mobile adult cats weighing up to 27.5Ibs (12.5kg).

The components forming the ladder are supported by a central Pillar Pipe purchased separately. A suitable pipe can be supplied by an installer or purchased from a local hardware store or plumbing supplies merchant.

For further details refer to the Monkee Tree Planning Guide 


  • The ultimate indoor or outdoor scalable cat tree ladder for adventurous felines
  • Multipurpose modular cat ladder – great for multi-cat houses, cat cafes, cat hotels and daycares, and more!
  • Use to help cats reach higher places without injuring themselves
  • Makes a wonderful cat gym to help keep your cat active during the day
  • Adjustable stump that can accommodate even sloping floors
  • Versatile assembly with multiple step positions (horizontal and vertical)
  • Can be extended further and added to with other Monkee Tree Kits & parts
  • Designed with a safety feature: branch folds down when overloaded
  • Attach toys by hanging them from step slots to create a playground for your feline
  • Made with durable, UV-resistant, and recyclable Polypropylene
  • Comes with simple instructions for easy assembly
  • Easy to clean and maintain for long-term use
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand



Q. What will happen if someone stands on a Branch?
A. The branches are not designed for humans. They are designed to fold down when overloaded to prevent people from climbing up your MonkeeTree. The Branches can be easily replaced should one become overloaded.

Q. One of my steps is broken. How do I replace it?
A. Simply unscrew the existing Branch, replace it with a new Branch by levering the top tab into the upper slot, push down and replace screw.

Q. Can I install a MonkeeTree myself?
A. Anyone can install a MonkeeTree if they have some basic DIY skills and basic tools available. We however recommend you seek professional DIY assistance for installations over 2m high.

Q. How high can the MonkeeTree go?
A. We recommend the maximum height of 12ft (3.7m), without an intermediate landing.

Q. What surfaces can I mount a MonkeeTree?
A. Timber decks or floors, concrete floors, paving squares. The Stump allows for some slope to ground surfaces.

Q. What size/type of Pillar Pipes are compatible with a MonkeeTree?
A. Plastic and metal Pillar Pipes with outside diameters between 1.59”– 1.69”(40.5mm – 43.0mm) and inside diameters of at least 1.4” (36mm) can be used. The rigidity of the pipe used and the distance between wall fixings will influence how much flex the trunk will have. So if the spacing between wall fixings is large (over 2m) we recommend a rigid pipe such as a thick wall plastic or metal pipe. For details on compatible pipes refer Pillar Pipe Sizes and recommended spacing between wall fixings see the MonkeeTree Planning Guide.

Q. Why does the Base Trunk Kit not come with Branches?
A. We recommend installing Branches from the 7th trunk upwards for most standard installations. this is because most cats will jump to and from steps once they are close to the ground (so lower steps are not used). Eliminating low level Branches also deters young children from trying to climb should they frequent the area.