Here are some commonly asked questions about our products, if you have any other inquiries please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

  • How do I know my cat will use your Cat Furniture?

Being a naturally curious animal your cat will not be able to stay away. Their interest is going to be aroused by having something new in the house, and they can’t help but to investigate. The idea of our Funky Cat furniture is to create an interactive playground for you and your cat; you will both have endless hours of fun with our cat furniture.

  • How long does your cat furniture last?

Funky Cat products DO last much longer than normal scratching posts. We have been making our products since 2002 and often see our earliest customers who inform us of how happy they are with the life span of their product. Customers have commented they last longer than other cat scratching posts, making Funky Cat furniture a very cost effective product.

The unique sculptured effect of the outside carpet allows the carpet to be flexible and therefore gives resistance to the cats’ full force of scratching. Normal scratching posts with tightly wrapped carpet give no resistance at all and therefore can be easily and quickly destroyed.

  • How can I be sure of getting a quality product?

Funky Cat is a unique business; we are a small family owned company and do not have an assembly line like most other companies. All our products are individually hand made by the one person, Maurie, and as the owner of the company you are assured a very high standard in the manufacturing process. Our cat furniture is designed and built for maximum strength and durability and wherever necessary, products are glued and screwed together.

We only use the best materials available to us, and incorporate some very unique features. The sculptured texture of our products allows flexibility in the carpet; cats using the products for scratching cannot transfer their full strength into ripping the carpet apart and gives you a longer lasting product.

The Funky Hollows are quite heavy, the Giant Hollow can weigh as much as 65kgs, and their bases are made to give you a sturdy product. The Funky Trees also have quite large and extra heavy bases.

  • Can I choose colours and how?

Yes you can. We send our customers current carpet samples in the colours that interest them the most. Once colours are chosen and a deposit is paid, we will then place the required amount of carpet aside ready to be made into your product of choice.

  • How long does it take to create a custom made product?”

Normally around 5-6 working weeks, however sometimes we can get them completed sooner.

  • Where are the products made?

All our furniture is 100% Australian made at our factory/showroom in Carrum Downs in Victoria. We source all our materials from local suppliers.[

  • Are the products flat packed?”

No, all our products come fully assembled and ready for your cats to use.

  • Do you deliver Australia wide?

Yes, we deliver to anywhere in Australia. All our products come fully assembled and ready for use. Please contact us with the suburb and postcode for a delivery quote.

*** Please note, we use an interstate transport company, delivery is driveway to driveway. Delivery drivers do not unpack products or carry them inside the home. Assistance is required for larger items. Funky Cat notifies all customers with full details of dispatch information so customers can arrange a suitable delivery day. ***

  • How can I pay for my order?

Once you have placed your order we will send you an invoice with all the payment details which include credit cards as well as direct and internet banking details. We offer Visa, Bank card or Master card (2% Credit Card surcharge applies), Direct Deposit, Net bank, Eftpos or Lay-by.

  • My Funky Cat products are very old and in need of repair, can you help?

Although your Funky Tree, Hollow or other products were built to a high standard and are extremely durable, after some time they may be showing signs of wear and tear.

We have successfully completed many Funky Restorations on our 10+ year old models, either by replacing sections of carpet, tightening leaves or refitting springies, returning your cherished Funky Cat products to their former glory. This way, many of our customers have noted that their Funky Trees or Hollows will last them another 10 years!

Go to our Funky Restorations Page to see before and after samples.