What is Funky Cat Furniture?

Funky Cat is your cat’s new best friend! A cat furniture company, Funky Cat was developed to offer something different from the standard cat scratching poles – more durable, more attractive, more functional and more enjoyable for your cat. Starting with Funky Hollows and  Funky Trees, the range grew as customer demand for  more options in cat furniture continued. In addition to the large range, another unique and exclusive to Funky Cat offer is the ability to choose your own colours for your custom made Funky Cat product  from our huge range of carpet. Funky Cat, cat furniture is the only furniture for your cat that can be customised to suit your existing decor and has been proven to last as long as any other handcrafted furniture in your home. You won’t want to hide these cat scratching poles in the laundry! At Funky Cat we furnish your cats lifestyle. Funky Cat is a fully own and Australian  made company,  we support and source our materials from local suppliers. funky-products  

Who is Funky Cat?

Started by Maurie and Jenny Spano in 2002 after they saw the need for better quality and more unique cat scratching poles, Funky Cat is driven to develop the best for your pet. A former Melbourne tram driver, Maurie channelled his love of cats into creating products the world had never seen before, he tackles every item as if he is making a piece of furniture not a scratching post and therefore the highest standard is maintained. Compelled to never settle for anything but the best in materials or workmanship, Maurie and Jenny design and construct all of the Funky Cat furniture. With the introduction of additional products like the Funky Pods, they are confident that all products from Funky Cat will enhance your time with your cat. Their own two cats, Maxwell Smart and Kaos, love hanging out on their Funky Cat furniture. Max will sit at the very top of his Mega Tree playing with a piece of string, being cheeky as he knows Maurie can’t reach him up there! Kaos meanwhile is happy to spend all day lying about and will only play when he is in the mood! Both Maurie and Jenny are well known by many cat associations and breeders and you can often meet them at cat shows interstate from time to time. Contact Maurie and find out when he is next travelling near you if you would like to see the quality and strength of Funky Cat furniture for yourself.